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We are supported by Ambassadors around the world who are important catalysts for growing the sharing ecosystem.  


Volunteering is a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people from diverse backgrounds locally while also being an integral part of a global community. 

There are many fun and rewarding ways to contribute with as little or as much time as you want...

Spread your ShareCred:

  • Tell friends and neighbors about sharing initiatives and providers in your area

  • Deliver flyers to your favorite places

  • Post your sharing experiences and local events

  • Cheer on fellow Ambassador's news & accomplishments

Set-up a SharePoint in your neighborhood:​

  • It's easy to start.  First, what are you passionate about?  Reducing food waste, sharing idle resources, animal welfare... etc. Then, think about - what is missing in your community to impact change in this area.

  • Book exchange libraries, lending tool sheds, unsold/surplus food pick-up from your neighborhood cafe or shop, dog share... are just a few great examples of Neighborhood SharePoints.

  • Overnight your journey as a change maker has started, just by soul searching what you're passionate about, identifying a gap and taking action in your neighborhood.

Throw a Pop-up ShareParty:

  • What a fun way to bring sharing into your life and make new friends!!  We call this a Pop-Up party because they're very easy to organize and you can throw one wherever you are (even if you're on the road!)

  • Organize a food share which is a giant picnic, share your talents and skills, swap clothes, share art, organize a toy hacking where old toys are remade and upcycled... these are just a few examples

  • You can also tap into all of the amazing opportunities in the sharing economy by curating a sharing experience... cooking class from a local chef, surf lessons, tour the city thru the eyes of an artist... so many possibilities.

Write a ShareStory:

  • Are you a blogger, digital nomad, or just like to share experiences with your network?

  • We'd love to feature you on Sharemrkt Stories. Just email with your topic!

  • Passionate, but don't have a topic top of mind. We can help!

  • Connect with a sharing provider / organization you're interested in, discover what makes them special by talking to them and even better... trying out their service (include them in your ShareParty!), and write a short article or podcast.

  • It's easier than you think!  We can make the intro and you'll find samples in the ShareKit, and then our Ambassador Community will help share your story.

Our ShareKit makes it easy with how to's and more ideas.  You can also connect with other volunteers in your area if you'd like to team up. 


The registration process is straightforward.  Reach out to us  We'll ask you a few questions and you'll be ready to go!

Do you want to make positive change & strengthen ties in your community?   

Are you a digital nomad and want to connect with the sharing ecosystem along your journey?  

Do you want to be featured in Sharemrkt Stories?

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